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Palo Alto Downtown RPP Permit Sales


Purchasing an RPP Permit for Downtown Palo Alto is a 2-step process.

1. First you will need to create an account. As part of this process, you will need to provide proof of residence or work address within the Downtown RPP District, depending on whether you are a resident or an employee.  Click here to create an account.

  • Residents: Please upload a copy of your current photo ID. If your photo ID does not have your current address, please provide additional documentation with proof of residency (i.e. utility bill, lease, etc.)
  • Employers: Please upload documentation of employer registration with the Palo Alto Business Registry (required for permit purchase).
  • Employee: Please upload a recent pay stub verifying employment address (and income verification if applying for a reduced-price permit).
  • 2. If you have an existing account, or are logging back in to confirm whether your account has been approved, click here.